Arturo Carmona

National Deputy Political Director, Sanders 2016 campaign

Arturo Carmona is the National Deputy Political Director for the Bernie Sanders 2016 Presidential campaign. For well over a decade, Arturo has used his leadership and experience to bring people together on important challenges impacting communities from across the nation. Arturo has served as a political analyst, public spokesperson, and community organizer with an established expertise in the evolving political, cultural, and demographic trends of the US. He is recognized as a change-agent. He has appeared in many news stories, interviews, and political discussions through outlets such as MSNBC, ABC, CNN, Time Magazine, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Univision, Telemundo, USA Today, NPR, La Opinion, and many others.

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Building Independent Political Power

The Political Revolution will continue as activists and people’s organizations build power and strategies to take over school boards, city councils, states and Congress. We can organize a new economy that puts people, workers and communities first by shifting money and power away from the current economy driven by extraction, fossil fuels, criminalization and exclusion […]