Bob Master

Chair, Working Families Party National Advisory Board and Board Member, Citizen Action of NY

Bob Master is the Assistant to the Vice President for CWA District One, which represents 140,000 workers from NJ to Maine. He is also a Special Assistant for National Politics for CWA President Chris Shelton. Bob was one of the founders of the NY Working Families Party, and has been Co-Chair of the Party since 1998. He also currently chairs the Working Families Party National Advisory Board, and has been a board member of Citizen Action of NY since 1986.

My Sessions

Building Independent Political Power

The Political Revolution will continue as activists and people’s organizations build power and strategies to take over school boards, city councils, states and Congress. We can organize a new economy that puts people, workers and communities first by shifting money and power away from the current economy driven by extraction, fossil fuels, criminalization and exclusion […]