Genevieve Lysen

Lead Organizer, Maine People's Alliance

Genevieve Lysen is the Lead Organizer at the Maine People’s Alliance where she has worked as a community organizer for 5 years on healthcare, affordable housing, worker justice, and fair taxes. Genevieve played a major role in 2011 in a successful campaign to defend the voting rights of Mainers against an attack on same-day voter registration by the Republican state leadership. Her region – the Androscoggin Valley – has grown to be strongest chapter of the organization in the state with dozens of volunteers taking action every month. Genevieve was also the campaign manager for the inspiring campaign of Ben Chin for Mayor of Lewiston that drew national attention for its pro-immigrant and corporate accountability message.

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Building Independent Political Power

The Political Revolution will continue as activists and people’s organizations build power and strategies to take over school boards, city councils, states and Congress. We can organize a new economy that puts people, workers and communities first by shifting money and power away from the current economy driven by extraction, fossil fuels, criminalization and exclusion […]