Margot McMillen

Owner, Terra Bella Farm; radio host and writer

Margot raises sheep and cattle and works with Missouri farmers to sell grains direct to consumers in the local community rather than on the commodity market. On her farm, Terra Bella Farm, near Hatton MO, she provides land for young farmers and interns to raise herbs and vegetables sold at numerous venues through mid Missouri and St. Louis. She also hosts a weekly radio program on farm and rural issues; and is a freelance writer providing the farmer perspective in various journals in print and online.

My Sessions

Agroecology: Grassroots Food Grown to Save the Planet

How do we ensure that everyone has access to the food of their choosing, that is healthy, delicious, affordable, fair and sustainable, in the face of globalized corporate control of our food system?  This session will discuss how Agroecology – the integration of a society’s culture with farming practices and traditional knowledge – will give […]