Miles Mogulescu

Activist and Fim Producer

Miles Mogulescu has been an activist since Martin Luther King had dinner at his home when he was a child and he began joining picket lines in support of civil rights. He has been instrumental in the founding of a number of political and cultural organizations. He was one of the earliest contributors to The Huffington Post, for which he has written hundreds of political and cultural articles with a particular emphasis on Medicare-For- All, campaign finance reform, and building permanent organizational forms from the energy of the Sanders campaign. For his day job, he’s an entertainment attorney and producer whose credits include the Academy Award nominated documentary “Union Maids”, the HBO film “Montana” written by Larry McMurtry, and the remake of “Give Peace a Chance” with Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon and Lenny Kravitz.

My Sessions

Building Independent Political Power

The Political Revolution will continue as activists and people’s organizations build power and strategies to take over school boards, city councils, states and Congress. We can organize a new economy that puts people, workers and communities first by shifting money and power away from the current economy driven by extraction, fossil fuels, criminalization and exclusion […]