Patti Edwardson

Farmer, Board member of Women, Food, and Agriculture Network

Patti Edwardson farms with her partner, George Naylor, near Churdan, Iowa. Patti’s activism is focused on transforming the agribusiness model of farming to a more regenerative, agroecological model that includes the leadership and participation of women and minorities to bring healthy, locally-produced food to our citizens. In 2015, she spent two weeks in Cuba attending an agroecology conference and short course. In the summer of 2016, she will participate in a Food Sovereignty and Agroecology tour of Nicaragua, learning from women farmers. Patti is a member of the board of Women, Food, and Agriculture Network and an active member of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement.

My Sessions

Agroecology: Grassroots Food Grown to Save the Planet

How do we ensure that everyone has access to the food of their choosing, that is healthy, delicious, affordable, fair and sustainable, in the face of globalized corporate control of our food system? ┬áThis session will discuss how Agroecology – the integration of a society’s culture with farming practices and traditional knowledge – will give […]