Trevor Gervais

Lead Organizer, Common Cause IL

As Lead Organizer, Trevor works with all Common Cause members in Illinois, building a diverse community engagement program in order to fight for voting rights and campaign finance reform. He also manages the state’s digital and communication efforts.
Before joining Common Cause Illinois in June of 2015, Trevor held the posts of Regional Field Director and GOTV Director at Organizing for America, where he oversaw the registration of more than 12,000 new voters. He has also worked at the local level to decrease class sizes and increase student representation within school boards.
Trevor holds two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Arizona, in Political Science and Latin American Studies.

My Sessions

How to Get Big Money Out of Politics

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ongoing decisions to side with corporate power have not stopped us from fighting back and working toward a stronger democracy! Across the nation, people are reforming campaign finance and election laws in ways that elevate the power of everyday people and expose the billionaires and corporations who seek to influence their […]