Apply For the People's Summit 2017

June 9 – 11, 2017: McCormick Place • Chicago, IL

The People’s Summit will bring together activists and organizers from all walks of life, and we’ve been incredibly excited to see the energy and enthusiasm pouring in from across the country. However this means we have a level of interest in participating which is an order of magnitude higher than the space available! The application process is not first come, first serve, but instead designed to make sure the Summit is as diverse and inclusive as possible.



If you purchase a ticket and are then unable to attend, we will reimburse 50% of the ticket cost provided that you request a reimbursement by June 1, 2017. Unfortunately we will be not able to reimburse any requests made after June 1, nor will we be able to reimburse more than 50% of your ticket cost. Thank you for understanding.


Have a Partner Affiliation?

If you are affiliated with one of the People’s Summit partner organizations, please click on the logo for an expedited application process.

If you are not associated with a partner organization, please fill out the unaffiliated application below.

NOTE: Please submit an application on the form that you think fits you best. Filling out multiple applications will not increase your chances of being selected. If you have questions about the selection process, please see our page on Diversity and Inclusion.