Diversity and Inclusion

The People’s Summit is a conference with a goal. To express a set of ideas, values and priorities that reflect our political vision. So instead of a ‘first come, first serve’ registration process, we’re deliberate about who we want to attend. With that in mind, we’ve crafted an application process that allows us to get to know you better before we seal the deal.

We’re looking for organizers and activists, thinkers and doers, grassroots and grasstops. And we know that simply opening the doors to whoever can buy a ticket will result in a space that is too white, too old, too local (also too Chicago and nearby areas), too many paid staffers, and too many consultants.

So we’re asking for personal information about people who want to come not to exclude anyone – but to make sure the balance reflects who we want to be. Our movement is leaderful, accessible, safe, and reflects the diversity of our country.

We have a finite number of seats to fill. Most of them have been allocated to our partner organizations, who are recruiting from their memberships and constituencies. Over 700 are for ‘Unaffiliated’, reflecting that our coalition is nowhere near as large as we want it to be, and many wonderful people – friends – aren’t active with one of our partners. Everyone who applies is eligible for a low cost ticket and/or a travel stipend; there is no preference for those who are with partner organizations. Everyone attracted to the Summit should apply. And no one should feel that cost is a barrier.

Our awareness of the many facets of diversity include geography, covering as many congressional districts as possible, racial and ethnic background, urban and rural, various immigrant communities, LGBTQ, age, veteran’s status, and more. And we’re happy to be educated about other factors we ought to take into account.

That being said, we do also have a physical limitation of space at the Summit! In the end, not everyone will be accepted. Please be patient and understanding as we make some difficult decisions.

The People’s Summit is about bringing people together from all walks of life, and working together to build a movement strong enough to win any election and win the policies that change people’s lives – while being agile enough to fit into any neighborhood or community.

We look forward to having you there with us. If you have questions or concerns about this process, please email us at info@thepeoplessummit.org.