Bonita Johnson

Bonita Johnson, a rank-n-file member of Local UE150 NC. I presently hold several positions: Asst. State Treasurer, Butner Area Chapter President, Butner Area Chapter Treasurer, DHHS(Department of Health and Human services)Treasurer, Local E-board Member and an Organizer.

The ground work that my comrades and I are involved in includes meet and confer with DHHS (Department of Health and Human services) Secretary and other state managers,meetings with our Governor to discuss our Workers Bill of Rights, Access to the work place, Raises, Benefits, Under staffing and Safe working conditions for our employees. I  am also active in meeting with our legislatures about the same issues listed above,The Southern Workers School, attending the National, Regional, State conventions and SHROC (Southern Human Rights Organizers Conference).
If there is a way to make the work place atmosphere safer,help the employees be treated with respect and dignity or train the employees to protect their rights I will keep pushing against our right to work governing leaders to make it happen.

My Sessions