George Goehl

Co-Director, Peoples Action

George Goehl is the Co-Director of People’s Action, a new national grassroots organization fighting for economic, racial, gender, and environmental justice, created by the merger of National People’s Action, the Alliance for a Just Society, and USAction. At People’s Action, George is helping to build a truly progressive political force that is grounded in the struggles and aspirations of its members, that keeps the craft of organizing central, and that prepares us to take big risks toward creating the new. George was previously the Executive Director of National People’s Action, which under his leadership emerged as an innovative and envelope-pushing organizing network that mobilized more people into the streets in the fight for financial reform than any other organization in the country. He and his team helped develop a Long-Term Agenda to the New Economy, a 40-year vision and strategic framework to reimagine and rebuild new systems to advance equity, democracy, and sustainability. Over the last 20 years, George has developed winning campaigns particularly in housing, homelessness, immigration reform, financial reform, and lending.

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