Katherine Brezler

Educator, National Digital Director, People For Bernie

Katherine Brezler (Public School Teacher)(National Digital Director, People for Bernie Sanders)

For the last decade she has been working on education improvement policy projects. Most recently she was part of nationwide organizing for the opt-out movement. In New York she created a campaign for a robo-call, which featured Zephyr Teachout, to inform parents of their rights to refuse the state standardized test. That year New York’s opt-out rates went from 2% to 20%. From early anti-war demonstrations to single payer health care organizing Katherine has worked tirelessly to advocate for the 99%. She was an elected Bernie Sanders delegate from Westchester, NY that attended the DNC in Philly. Kat lives the trope “Think globally, act locally”. Outside of the classroom she is most comofrtable training groups to do local organizing or knocking on doors to Get Out The Vote. Day to day she manages all of the different People for Bernie digital assets on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat. Katherine is well known across the Bernie movement for her early and non-stop accessibility to the grassroots; leading google-hangouts and conference calls to help new organizers take leadership rolls. Over the summer she is looking forward to helping in local elections and spending time in the resistance house with District 13 which will be focused on direct actions.

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