Kim Huynh

Kim is an organizer, trainer, and direct action strategist based in Houston, TX. While much of her politicization was within the environmental justice movement, she has organized across various racial and social justice movements. As a trainer with Training for Change, Kim has facilitated skill-building for grassroots groups in non-violent direct action, organizing skills, strategy, and group transformation. She’s excited about supporting networks of resistance and reconstruction for ecological and social justice that center community self-determination and participatory democracy. Kim served as the Training Coordinator for the Democracy Spring April mobilization, leading a week of twice-a-day trainings that prepared over 1300 people to risk arrest. She is a member of the Democracy Spring Interim National Coordinating Committee.

The first-born daughter of first-generation Vietnamese refugees, Kim was resisting militarism and empire from the womb. An unrepentant problem minority, she loves popular education and karaoke.

My Sessions