Shani Smith

Democracy Spring

Shani S.P. Smith is a Community Outreach Organizer for Service Employees International Union Healthcare Illinois. She is also a NVA trainer for Beautiful Trouble. Shani has studied Non-Violent Direct Action for the past 12 years mentored and trained by notable Civil Rights Leaders Rev. James Lawson, Mary E. King, Lisa Fithian, and Nadine Bloch; currently, an emerging voice for women of faith and Color in Chicago. The New York Times and Chicago Tribune, and Mayor 1% and Democracy in Black are a few of many publications and books which have highlighted her humanitarian efforts to fight economic iniquities. Shani has engaged diverse communities and mobilized thousands of supporters around civil rights and economic equality issues. She has successfully played key roles in both local and national social justice campaigns including Occupy Wall St. (New York), Democracy Spring (Washington, D.C.), and Movement for Black Lives Against Racial Policing (Chicago) to name a few. Shani recently served as the Nonviolent Action Trainer and Safety Marshal Coordinator for the Women’s March on Chicago, Women’s March on Springfield, Climate March Chicago, and Tax March Chicago. Served as Nonviolent Action Trainer for Climate March, May Day Demonstrations, and the Science March.in Chicago. Shani’s Training Website: www.chaoticjustice.com